Professional and Compassionate

Ray was professional, compassionate and displayed a genuine concern to be of assistance. I felt confident in his guidance, and, after several sessions can report a general sense of well-being and serenity.


Remarkably Insightful

Remarkably insightful! In only three sessions so far, he tremendously brought my self- awareness of deep-seated issues. I am confident this will lead to repair of trust issues in my marriage and bolster my relationship I’ve always had with my wife.


A Great Resource

My appointment was great! Ray is fantastic—a great resource!


Comfortable and Experienced

Very uniquely tailored session with an incredibly experienced guy. He really makes you comfortable from the moment you step inside.


Empower Mentor and Hypnotherapist

I am proud and honored to write this testimonial for Ray, whom I not only trust as my therapist, but also now call my friend. Almost 7 months into seeing him once a week for my “soul tune up” with my “mental mechanic,” Ray has taken a man who was hiding an enormous amount of pain and baggage from a very young age till now, and has me on a better path and feeling better than I have in decades. That’s right, I have still have the pain and baggage, but have learned to cope with it, change it, and control it. It is not controlling me any longer; I am steering the ship again; I am at the helm.

Thanks Ray for being there!


Mentor and EFT "Emotional Freedom Technique" aka Tapping Teacher

I have no trouble saying that this therapy has saved my life. It helps me come to terms with and deal with the extent of my past. It amazes me even now, how far I’ve come.


Weight Loss Success

Ray has a way of seeing, listening, and connecting with people that is rare. He is totally focused on you and where you are at. With Ray there is no judgement or expectations, no preconceived ideas about who you are, and he genuinely wants to get to know you. He is honest and straightforward and brings integrity to his work. I worked with Ray on weight loss a few years ago using hypnotherapy and it works!!


I just want to thank you, Ray, again, for helping more that you might ever know. I am very very grateful. I take some solace in my favorite Lao Tse quote, “When the student is ready, the teacher will come.”


When we haven’t solved a problem on our own, it’s nice to have professional help. I highly recommend that you use Raymond.


Great Therapist, Confidant, Life Coach and Mentor

I went into Raymond out of pure desperation and a last-ditch effort, because everything else had failed. I was in an unhealthy marriage. I had gained a lot of weight and developed low self-esteem, suffered severe pain from fibromyalgia and had lost myself and who I was because of these things. I went to the first visit wanting to lose some weight to look better for my husband and not hurt so much. Well, let me tell you , I may have went thinking I knew what I wanted, but I left with what I needed. I left feeling so empowered (he even helped me address and let go of some issues I had been carrying around since I was little that had affected me my whole life ).

I have taken control of my life back and started in finding me again. Six months ago I couldn’t walk 400 steps, the pain was so severe. Today, I am pain-free. Before seeing Ray, if you asked me what I like to do, I would have stared at you and said “I don’t know,” because I had lost me and really didn’t know. Today, I can name you a half dozen things that I discovered I love to do. Ray is not just a wonderful hypnotherapist that you can trust, but a great therapist, confidant, life coach and mentor. I highly recommend Ray for whatever your needs are.


Relationship Counselor

I needed a marriage counselor immediately, and Ray got us in within three days. He did separate sessions to really get to the bottom of our shared problems. My husband will definitely be seeing him again.


Empower Mentor and New Age Speaker

My name is Howie Bell and I am the author of Sports Zendo. I have studied martial arts and Zen Buddhism most of my life, and am a follower of Ram Dass as well Bruce Lee trained. I’ve read almost every book on inner growth available. However, Ray’s ideas are uniquely his own and people need to hear them. Some people spend their whole lives hoping for an original idea and some people , such as Ray, come by them with no effort at all… I strongly urge you to check him out.

-Howie Bell

Migraine Headache Relief

I worked with Ray to overcome migraine headaches that I was getting multiple times a week. He helped me get to place where I am almost migraine-free. I now only get migraines once a month. This is a huge relief! Ray’s technique was tailored to my specific issue, and I could tell that he put significant time and preparation into our sessions. I appreciated his calm, soothing voice, and found it easy to enter a hypnotic state under his guidance.



I have been seeing Ray for awhile. I had been feeling worthless with no way to feel better. However, every time I have a session with Ray, I come away feeling that I can do anything that I set my mind to. I feel 100% better about myself and my situation. I know that anyone could benefit from talking with and seeing Ray.


Sports Hypnotherapy

I have been an athlete my entire life, but recently I found myself stuck in my golf game. Ray helped me work through the anxiety that was holding me back in my short game, and I am now having more success than ever. I would recommend Ray to any athlete looking to take his or her athletic endeavors to the next level.